Friday, June 24, 2011

Shoe Rail

As a girl with a lot of shoes, you have to start getting creative with ways to store said shoes. You have to be able to see your goods, least you forget about those perfect purple peep toes that would look great with the dress you are wearing today! And you have to be able to get to them easily. I am lucky in that the closet in my current apartment is nice and big with a looooong shelf across the top to store a good portion of the shoes. The others are in bookcases (shoecases in my vocab) and smaller shoe racks on the floor of the closet as well.

But I have another friend with copious amounts of shoes moving to LA to a small one bedroom apartment so we were brainstorming ways to store shoes without taking up too much of the already limited space. Well my brillant fiance came up with the idea of using towel racks! [He obviously is also well versed in shoe storage since he asked ME to marry him :) ]

So the idea is that you can circle your room at the height of the door frame with towel racks and then just hook your heels over the bar! You get storage and art all in one! Of course this won't work for wedges or flats, but those can be saved for the more traditional methods of shelves and floor space. And if you are shorter, just get a small folding step ladder to store right next to your dresser or something to use to get the shoes when you need them. Who needs a chair rail when you have a shoe rail!