Tuesday, October 27, 2009

lust/want/need/love... NOW

So I have been wanting a pair of gray ankle boots for awhile now but I can't seem to find the perfect pair. These Aldo boots are out of my price comfort range (at $170) but I can't get over how hot these are. I mean the folded V ankle cuff, the studded platform, the stiletto heel.... I'm drooling. Anyway, let me know if you find a similar style that is more wallet friendly. Until then, I will dream of you Zinke.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pantless People

Halloween is my favorite holiday. And no, it’s not about the candy. I LOVE dressing up. I mean you get to dress up as something totally different and try new things with no inhibitions… well I still have some, but you get the idea. Anyway, this year I decided to go as the spectacularly fabulous Lady Gaga. Only “problem” is that she is a serious advocate of the pantlessness look. In order to totally own this outfit and be the best Lady G out there I have been hitting the gym harder than usual and focusing on the gams…. But I digress. Gaga is out there on the fashion side but I gotta give it to her. She loves pushing the envelope, going all out, and is totally unapologetic about it all. After a year filled with pantless Gaga and Beyonce joining in on the fun, we are starting to see this in all parts of the fashion world. If you noticed, many top designers sent looks down the runway this past month that would definitely be defined as pantless. It’s only a matter of time before this hits mainstream… I just hope it doesn’t go as bad as I have in my head. But I have a feeling that this Halloween will be filled with pantless people trying out this trend in one form or another. I mean just in my group of friends there will be 4 of us sans pants on the 31st! (In addition to my Lady Gaga will we have a Beyonce and two Single Ladies backup dancers of the male variety ala SNL!)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hello. Good Buy.

I love Target. It's no secret that I shop there at least once a week. Not only do I buy all my groceries there but they almost always have great fashion and accessories for very budget friendly prices. Tonight I went to target to find some navy blue tights to wear with a dress I recently purchased on HauteLook.com. Sadly, they didn't have any navy blue tights but I found so many great things that I had a very hard time not buying them all! Instead of the original tights I ended up getting some great lace patterned tights that I have been meaning to get all season long. I also found a great black and white checkered scarf that was on clearance. To top of my purchases I bought a jersey pencil skirt from the new GO International collection that is a fabulous pink and black houndstooth. A few of the things that I did not buy (on this trip anyway) included a great silver boyfriend watch, a bold oval black cocktail ring, a belted strapless houndstooth dress (also from GO Int'l), an infinity scarf (there were 2!), and some great red plaid pointed toe flats. Needless to say Target is not only a great place to save money on household items but you can style yourself in all the latest trends with out breakin' the bank!