Monday, October 5, 2009

Hello. Good Buy.

I love Target. It's no secret that I shop there at least once a week. Not only do I buy all my groceries there but they almost always have great fashion and accessories for very budget friendly prices. Tonight I went to target to find some navy blue tights to wear with a dress I recently purchased on Sadly, they didn't have any navy blue tights but I found so many great things that I had a very hard time not buying them all! Instead of the original tights I ended up getting some great lace patterned tights that I have been meaning to get all season long. I also found a great black and white checkered scarf that was on clearance. To top of my purchases I bought a jersey pencil skirt from the new GO International collection that is a fabulous pink and black houndstooth. A few of the things that I did not buy (on this trip anyway) included a great silver boyfriend watch, a bold oval black cocktail ring, a belted strapless houndstooth dress (also from GO Int'l), an infinity scarf (there were 2!), and some great red plaid pointed toe flats. Needless to say Target is not only a great place to save money on household items but you can style yourself in all the latest trends with out breakin' the bank!

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