Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jeggings = Jeans + Leggings

Hot or Not? That has been my internal question on this trend, and I think my final answer is 'It Depends'. Until recently I was leaning towards Not because I was with the Just-Wear-Your-Skinny-Jeans camp. But I have been rocking my (plain) leggings recently and have been loving them. They are just so comfy, and seriously they really are the only way to go when wearing thinner/clingier long tunic tops. So then come along my awesome new OTK boots (#95 if you are counting) and I was thinking that shoving my jeans into these was kinda a pain. I wanted the versatile, casualness of my denim but wanted the ease and comfort of leggings. Thus me needing a pair of jeggings! This leads me to the 'depends' part of answer. Obviosuly I think they are great for pairing with boots, tunics and the like. I am, however, in the definitive NO camp for wearing them like an actual pair of jeans. Really, there is no substitute for a solid pair of pants (unless you are Lady Gaga but that's another post). My final verdict... Jeggings are a definite yes for this fall/winter but they belong in your accessories pile and not the pants!


  1. Oh my God HOT! I love them. We sell them in my store and I just keep eyeing them down. I'm all for Jeggings!

  2. Hot totally! Jeggings make women look sexy and sultry.

  3. NOT HOT. It's lazy and they look terrible on the majority of the population. It takes 2 seconds to put a pair of jeans on.