Saturday, January 9, 2010

Site Seeing

Once again I would like to share some great websites that I have come across in all my web surfing.

LuLu's - this shopping site is cute, trendy, and budget friendly. They have everything from dresses, to shoes, to jewelry, to hats. I love their shoe collection, especially their selection under $50! My boyfriend bought me a pair from here for Christmas and they are fabulous (stay tuned for a post).

- this is a great shopping site that is very Anthropologie, but without the extreme prices. I haven't bought anything from here yet, but its only a matter a time because every time I visit I find a slew of things I love. I also like that they have an eco-friendly section.

- I just visited this website for the first time last night, but so far so good. They are currently having a 50% off sale on Fall and Winter styles (hurry it ends 1/10/10) and I ended up snatching up 3 pairs of shoes (including rain boots... FINALLY) for $62. Can you believe that? Cuh-Razy! I will definitely be returning from time to time :)

- Lastly, this website is just for fun time wasting. In the vein of FMyLife, these are just short posts from people all over the world talking about things that happened to them. However, these are much happier in nature... so go on, kill some time!

Hope you all find these just as great as I do, and if you have any sites you love, pass them on!

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