Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ankle Fever


Recently I have been caught up in the ankle pant trend. I think part of the attraction, for me personally, is that these garments are perfect for showcasing your shoes! And on top of that these pieces are so versatile that you can wear them to work as well as out on the town with the girls with extreme ease.

Ironically I was visiting Charleston, SC last weekend with my bf and we heard a lot about women’s ankles on our historical carriage ride through the city. In the mid-late 19th Century when hoop skirts were the rage, it was absolutely scandalous to see a woman’s ankles. So much so that if a man were to walk up a staircase behind a women and catch a glimpse of a bare ankle he was to drop to his knee an propose marriage right then and there! (Thus the double “Open-Armed” staircases: women go up on the right and men on the left.) Can you image the heart palpitations that someone of that time would have to see all these women walking around in ankle pants today… Oh the scandal!

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