Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Speaking of those Jeffrey Campbell's...

Although it has taken me long enough to get on the Lita train... I am currently OBSESSED. I must have these shoes. Right NOW! And now that I have made the decision to purchase (most of the time this really is that hardest part), I have to figure out what color I want... I really like the Taupe (pictured below) but they are not readily available in my size. I like the brown as well but the trouble is there are two different browns. The distressed and the calf, and I like the calf better in pictures I have seen. But now another catch! Only Solestruck makes the distinction so if I purchase from another site how do I know what brown I am actually getting. Oh the dilemmas I am facing on this. I seriously sat at my computer pouring over websites and photos for over an hour last night until my bf broke me out of my trance. I know this is silly but I need some direction. PLEASE HELP!



  1. you need to get the ones in distressed! you hear me? the taupe suede one is really nice too though - however, the thought of maintaining suede... makes me hesitate a little. oh well, tough choice! good luck!

  2. Perfection! <3