Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Confessions of a ... Shopaholic?

I don’t consider myself a shopaholic. I mean we all have those few and far between impulse purchases but other than that I feel that I am more of a debater. Should I really buy this dress? When will I actually wear this? Is it going to go on sale next week? ... You get the idea. Well, sadly I have to say that all these preconceived notions of myself flew out the window with my discovery of a few websites that are along the lines of an online sample sale. These websites carry collections from fashion designers to luxury home goods for only a limited number of days at dramatically reduced prices. These sales “open” at 11:00am and then it’s every shopper (and their internet connection) for themselves! If that collection is popular you best be logged in early and ready to pounce because they fly off the shelves faster than surgical masks in Mexico City.
On Tuesday Lauren Conrad was featured and the prices were to DIE for! We are talking 80-90% off everything. Almost all the items were on hold or sold out with in 1 minute. This however did not detour me. I found the dress I wanted and, what can only be described as manically, hit the refresh button. Luck, and persistence, were on my side and I was able to snatch up the dress when it became available again (someone foolishly let it back into the wild)! YESSSS!!!! Pure euphoria!!! I bought a dress from LC collection for 84% off!!! Score!!!
The reflection came only after the elation subsided. Was that really me? Obsessively stalking a piece of clothing for almost an hour online just to say that I landed that elusive piece of fashion at a reduced price? Yes. And I would (and probably will) do it again. All I have to say is that I feel bad for you if I was to ever encounter you at a real sample sale and we were after that last pair of Prada boots in a size 9. Watch your back. I am not afraid to fight dirty!

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  1. I too was logged in hoping to land an LC piece, but obviously I was not as persistent as you, i.e. I gave up! I can't wait to see your score.