Friday, May 1, 2009

The Infinity Dress

The infinity dress. The convertible dress. The 7-in-1 dress. Call it what you will but I love them. Victoria's Secret has had one listed for a couple of seasons and I have always wanted one, however not enough to spend over $100 on it. Recently, while I was in Mexico on vacation (no I do not have swine flu) I saw one in a little shop (almost $50 and not good quality). This did provide me with the opportunity to get my hands on one to see how it was made though. The design was so simple I knew that I could easily make this dress myself. Upon doing some research on the web I found a couple of sites that showed how to do it with one stitch! One! Thus began my adventure.
I went to a local fabric store and found some great turquoise jersey fabric on sale so I bought the needed amount and set off to make the dress... and many mistakes, lol. The first skirt I cut out I ended up making the waist about 2x too big (mistake in calculations due to excitement), thus leaving with me not enough fabric to make the straps once I cut out the second skirt. So I had to go back to the fabric store (about two weeks later) to get more fabric for the straps. Once I had those cut out and pinned the parts together I cranked up my sewing machine.... and about 20 min later I had a finished dress!!! Of course the first thing you do is try it on...... I guess I didn't really think about where the dress was going to sit on me and in the end the "waist" is still too large. And to top it off I didn't quite catch the ends of one of the straps in a seam so I have a little flap at the end.
Even with these problems I have to say that it actually looks okay :) Given the fact that it can be worn so many ways I can easily wrap the straps in ways to cover up my mistakes. So in the end I still ended up with my infinity dress and have learned from the mistakes and can now easily make another for me or my friends. So who wants one???

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  1. OMG stylishme this is soooo cute!!! I want one I want one... Wow I'm so impressed!