Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Holy Ads Springtime!

So this evening I sat down to peruse some of my recently received spring fashion magazines and was instanly in a state of pure fashion bliss... specifically having a few shoegasms in a row! The first (and major) was this ad from Gucci.

So not only are these boots the most spectacular things you have ever seen but I just love the whole composition. The model's almost contortionist pose, the blue of the water and sky in the background, the clear Lucite like bench she is sprawled on, the sexiness of the black one piece. Just wow. WOW. Oh to only have $1550 of extra money laying around to spend on shoes....

The next ad was for Yves Saint Laurent. The part I was drawn to was of course the platform sandals (but I mean really who makes better platform sandals than YSL?). The heel on these is just great with the horizontal bar. Not to mention the platform, caged style, and the white leather. Drool.

I wish I could have found the actual ad because it was so simple yet so effective. All you see is the model's legs from the mid-thigh down and the background is a neon pink with dark black shadows of her legs. It really makes the white shoes pop.
Oh I will def be dreaming of these two shoes tonight... and to think, I am only a few pages into the March issue of Elle. Here's to spring fashion!

(PS I really hope you got the batman reference with the crazy title on this one, haha)

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