Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meet Jessa

As a shoe connoisseur, if you will, I do a lot of online shoe shopping and browsing. But also being a bit of a deal seaker, it is not unusual for me to find shoes I love and then keep tabs on them to make sure I get the best deal before purchasing. That being said I found the lovely Jessa by Boutique 9 on both and, but with the price being over $100 I did not purchases right away.... and I am so glad I didn't! A few weeks later Gilt Group had a sale on Boutique 9 and of course Jessa was featured in the lovely taupe color I had been lusting after for a full $100 cheaper than retail price! Needless to say I swooped in and snagged these beauties. And with Gilt's super fast shipping (seriosuly HauteLook you need to take some notes here...) I was wearing Jessa within a week! They are super comfy with the small platform and soft leather and the detailing and ankle wrap are simply to die for. The perfect addition to my spring wardrobe!

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