Friday, April 2, 2010


So a few weekends ago I was in Charlotte for a friend's bachelorette party and we all received a free Stoli t-shirt at one of the bars we went to. Of course it was an XL! So most of the girls were like "oh its a great pj shirt!" and I was like "....ummmmm no." LOL. From that moment on I was determined to repurpose this t-shirt into something functional and fashionable. I thus decided that I would try my hand at the the shredded scarf look....
So I forgot to take inbetween pictures but it turned out fabulous and it was SUPER easy! The first thing I did was cut off the bottom hem and then cut off the body of the shirt right below the arms. I decided that I wanted to add some dimension and interest so I decided to reverse tie-die, but of course you could skip this and make it even more simple. Once the bleaching was done, I cut into strips. (I was not super careful and varied between 1/2" - 3/4"-ish wide). Then you take the circle strips and stretch them out a bit to make the edges curl in. Then I cut another thin strip from the sleeve to wrap around all the other strips to keep them together and then... put it on and wrap it around twice! Fabulous and soooooo easy :)
(FYI I have a disc cutter and mat that can be purchased from any fabric store that makes this MUCH easier than if you were attempting with scissors.)

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